LISA BASIC raster GIS software

Image processing: Radiometry, geometry, 2D rectification, matching, classifications
Terrain models (DTMs): Interpolation; profiles, 2D- and 3D-views; areas and volumes; differential DTMs
Management and analysis: Map algebra, statistics, logical matchings, environ analysis

LISA FOTO photogrammetric workstation

Object co-ordinate measurement 3D in a stereo model with/without coupled DTM
Stereo correlation for automatic generation of digital surface models (DSM)
Ortho images, mosaics from DTMs and ortho images. 3D-views etc. with LISA BASIC
Image co-ordinate measurement (ATM) for aerotriangulation with BLUH, manual and automatic

BLUH bundle block adjustment

A powerful software package for the aerotriangulation of aerial image blocks. Author: Dr.-Ing. Karsten Jacobsen, University of Hannover. We offer in licence a version adapted for LISA.